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Covered Entities need to be very proactive in their relationships with Business Associates to get a handle on what they are doing to protect patient ePHI.  *Note: HOPE is NOT a successful strategy when it comes to protecting patient health information.   Read>




Even the HHS isn't safe from hackers. Protect your assets and most importantly your patients. Be sure to be prepared and proactive before your assets are exposed too.  Read>


123 million patient records were breached in the last 2 years. Hopefully, Thomas Bossert will be able to help lead the cybersecurity maze moving forward and reduce the number of breaches in the future.  Read>


2017: Cyber threats and data protection rules and regulations will become more complex, particularly for the healthcare industry.  Sounds scary, but with a good Cyber Risk Management Plan and expert partners, your organization can rest easier.  Read>


Cyber Risks are about to get even more damaging in 2017, making it even more important to have a Cyber Risk Management Plan in place.  Read>


Cybersecurity is no longer just a CIO or IT issue.  It is time for CEO's and Boards to pay attention. Read>


"More than 90% of corporate executives said they cannot understand a cybersecurity report AND are not prepared to handle a major attack, according to a new NASDAQ commissioned survey."  Yikes.    Read>


Remember - having cyber insurance does not mean you will not be held accountable for a major breach.  Be sure to take all necessary steps to stay compliant, including performing a bona fide Risk Analysis.  Read>


The National Governors Association, in a new road map for improving nationwide secure health data exchange, proposes that states attempt to better align their privacy laws to the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule to help remove legal barriers.  Read>


Patient safety was one of the main reasons behind the decision change around texting patient care orders.  Read>


The healthcare technology landscape continues to evolve and so must the professionals that care for the 21st century patient. Read>


The new gateways for hackers into healthcare networks.  This is not only a patient care issue, but a bottom line issue.   Read>


Ransomware was a $1 billion business in 2016 alone.  Experts say hackers will be doubling down in 2017.  What is your organization doing to protect your money and data?  Read>


Featured Clearwater Compliance White Paper

What to look for in a HIPAA Risk Analysis Company & Solution. Read>


Thoughts From Our Experts

Clearwater's CCO & CFO, Mary Chaput weighs in with a brief history of disclosure requirements, board obligations, and staying ahead of potential risks. Read>


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